Live Your Dream Retreat is for YOU, who wants to learn how to Activate more Magic in life. 

We all have those evasive moments of  being tuned into "The Magic", let's work on keeping the "Magic" in our lives.

Come and learn how to work magic consciously, it's life changing, it's fun, it's real! 

Let's take advantage of our Unexplored tool box, we are born with it, how can we use it for the better? 

We have been Living our dreams and are excited to share with you all that we know.
The retreat will take place in the beautiful island of  Paros, Greece. A magical private beach house is your home.

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The retreat is for those who wants to attract

  • Happiness

  • Health

  • Abundance

  • True Love


Photo by: Kika Petrinoli
Give yourself the gift of  taking a break from daily routine and step into MAGIC.
Live Your Dream Retreat includes:
  • 3 or more days retreat in Paros, Greece

  • Stunning sea views from your beach house

  • Food: Smoothie, vegetarian lunch and special deserts 

  • Daily practices of Living Your Dreams

  • Access Consciousness bars therapy for each person

  • Free time to enjoy the beach and explore the Island

You will reserve  Magic Beach House on the dates of the retreat, the prices are different for each date.

The cost for the retreat is 60 euro per person a day and 100 euro for a couple a day. 

If you really want to come and do the retreat with us and the price is not in your budget now, please contact us and we will figure out a way to make it happen. 

Because Dreams Do Come True!



Paros Beach Houses are located in Kolimpithres famous beach  in Paros,

 in the South Aegean Sea.




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WhatsApp: +972547589789

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