Kolimbithres Paros: The beach of Kolimbithres is one of the most famous beaches of Paros and is located in the huge bay of Naoussa. This beach is unique because of the huge rocks of granite boarding it, sculpted into strange smooth shapes by the sea and the wind over the centuries.

Small sandy coves are lining one after another, the color of the water is turquoise and the water are shallow so it's perfect for children. Sun beds and umbrellas can be hired in some of the beaches and some water sports facilities are available.

A few beach bars and taverns can be found along the road leading to the beach. Kolimbithres can be reached from the asphalted road (by local bus or private transportation) or by small fishing boats (caiques) which leave regularly from the port of Naoussa.


Monastiri Paros: Monastiri Beach (the beach of the monastery of Agios Ioannis) is located a couple of kilometres after the beach of Kolimbithres, in a small rocky bay surrounded by huge rocky hills.

The water stays at waist level for a good 100 metres and there is good opportunity for snorkeling. This beautiful sandy beach has crystal water and is very popular for its beauty. It is also known to be a famous spot where yachts come to moor.

Sun beds and umbrellas can be rent from the tavern overlooking the beach and water sports facilities are also available. In summer, various events are organized on Monastiri Beach such as concerts, beach parties, various contests, etc. This beach is reachable from the asphalted road passing nearby or by boats, leaving regularly from the harbour of Naoussa.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria Paros: Santa Maria is located near Naoussa, in Plastira Bay and is a long coastline divided in two soft, golden sandy beaches which offer a beautiful view on the island of Naxos and the crystal emerald waters. The first is commonly known as Santa Maria Camping due to the nearby site. The second is about a kilometer beyond the first and is on the right side of the road.

It is fully organized, with sun beds, umbrellas and water sports facilities for windsurfing, scuba diving, paddle boats, etc. The beach of Santa Maria in Paros can be reached by local bus or by boats departing from the harbour of Naoussa.

Paros Beach Houses are located in Kolimpithres famous beach  in Paros,

 in the South Aegean Sea.




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